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Press Comment 18 March 2015 - Should pensioners cash in an annuity to fund their life abroad?

Financially comfortable expats whith multiple pensions could benefit from future measures. Read more




Press Comment 3 February 2015 - Brits Mustn't Bank On Free Banking Abroad

Brits moving abroad or purchasing an overseas property might be in for a nasty surprise when confronted with the costs that come with running a foreign bank account. Read more

Press Comment 28 January 2015 - Would foreign homeowners want Greece to slip away from the Eurozone?

"The euro is hovering around a six-year low against sterling, fuelled by the decision to introduce Quantitative Easing into the Eurozone, the unpegging of the Swiss franc against the euro, and the results of the Greek election. This is certainly good news for Brits on the verge of purchasing property in the Eurozone." Read more

Press Comment 21 January 2015 - Appetite For Foreign Property Fuelled By Right Conditions In 2014

Bargain homes in the Eurozone helped grow interest in foreign property in 2014, according to the latest Quarterly Index by Read more

Press Comment 20 January 2015 - What More "Flexible" Pensions Mean For Overseas Retirees 

Brits retiring abroad in 2015 could be at risk of making poor financial decisions that impact negatively on their life in the sun, according to new research. Read more

Press Comment 15 December 2014 - Spanish Holiday Lets In 2015 - The Early Bird Catches The Worm

The busiest day in the year for holiday bookings, so-called 'Sunshine Saturday', occured last weekend, highlighting the need for owners of overseas holiday lets to be ready to take bookings as early as possible in the year. Read more

Press Comment 15 December 2014 - Overseas Buyers Warned To Watch UK Market Conditions in 2015

Cooling house price growth and tighter mortgage regulation should be a warning signal for anyone depending on capital tied up in UK property to fund an overseas purchase Read more

Press Comment 10 December 2014 - Earlybird Overseas Property Buyers Should Benefit in 2015

Brits serious about buying an overseas property next year should be organising their viewing trip for early 2015 now, in order to be able to negotiate 'off season' prices in already stagnant markets Read more

Press Comment 8 December 2014 - Brits Are Buying Abroad Again Thanks to Economic Developments in the UK and Europe

A buoyant housing market and stronger pound in the UK, combined with stagnant prices and cheap mortgages in the Eurozone, have fuelled resurgence in Britons buying overseas property in 2014, said in December. Read more

Press Comment 2 December 2014 - How The Autumn Statement Could Affect Future Expats

Pension reform and savings rates are set to be in the spotlight in Wednesday's Autumn Statement, making it an important event for anyone whose plans to retire abroad depend heavily on their UK pension and savings. Read more

Press Comment 26 November 2014 - How Do Mortgage Rates Compare In Popular Expat Destinations?

With some of the lowest mortgage rates in history now available to overseas buyers and the strength of the pound against both the euro and the dollar, it is easy to understand this upward turn. Read more

Press Comment 25 November 2014 - Today's British Buyers Use Cash – But Lose Money On The Exchange Rate

Most British people purchasing overseas property for lifestyle purposes are cash buyers, despite mortgage rates in the Eurozone currently being at historic lows, according to research from Read more

Press Comment 12 November 2014 - Case Study: Enjoying A Sunny Autumn In Portugal

David Brooks and his wife are now set for a sunny autumn after completing on their new Portuguese home. David shares how they found their dream property in Portugal and his tips for getting it right. Read more

Press Comment 5 November 2014 - Rising Demand Makes for a Bright Future in the Sunshine State

“Winter sun, theme parks and beaches will continue to attract holiday home buyers to Florida in 2015, but a surging population could open the door for more long-term rental investments in the next few years,” Read more

Press Comment 4 November 2014 - Overseas Property Market Still Growing in 2014 But Starting to Plateau 

According to the latest Quarterly Index from interest in buying overseas property in 2014 remains comfortably ahead of 2013, although there is evidence of growth levelling off during the third quarter. Read more

Press Comment 29 October 2014 - New Resort Highlights SIPPs In The Sun
“Confidence in investing in an overseas tourist resort for rental income and as part of a pension plan received a boost this month after the official opening of a new five-star resort in Cape Verde just off the coast of West Africa”. Read more


It's not only homeowners in the UK who are enjoying an unexpectedly prolonged period of low interest rates – mortgages in the Eurozone remain at historic lows with signs that foreign banks are opening up more to lending to foreign buyers in 2014. Read more

Press Comment 06 October 2014 - Overseas Guides Company Celebrates Record Number Of Enquires At Leading Expon foreign property ownership

Appetite for owning an overseas home, particularly in Spain, appears to have surged in the second half of 2014, after the Overseas Guides Company reported a hefty hike in interest in foreign property ownership. Read more

It's a really exciting time for the Portugal property market, and a good time to be buying in the Algarve in particular, with some great opportunities for investment. Read more

The prospect of paying Milliband's mansion tax could be the tipping point for high net worth Brits who have been tinkering with a move abroad. Read more

Brits on the verge of moving abroad should be made more aware of the difficulty of opening a UK bank account once they're overseas. Read more

Over the last ten years Smart Currency Exchange has successfully helped thousands of British buyers save money on their property purchases in Portugal. Read more

Press Comment 10 September 2014 - Buyers Urged To Make The Most Of Autumn Property Shows

First-hand information and the chance to browse overseas homes and make valuable contacts will be on offer in coming weeks as the autumn property exhibitions in the UK get underway, with expectations they'll be busier than 2013. Read more

Press Comment 9 September 2014 - Could The Scottish Referendum Scotch Overseas Home Sales?

Uncertainty over the Scottish independence referendum is leading to exchange rate movement, meaning Brits on the verge of buying overseas property should be extra attentive when making an international payment right now, while Scots with intentions to move abroad might have to re-visit their plans. Read more

Reports of Brits becoming more diligent when choosing their current account is good news, however different rules and practices mean running a foreign bank account requires even more care, according to the Read more

Press Comment 1 September 2014 - Top Tips To Help Sell Your Overseas Property
Known for its buying guides for the most popular destinations for would-be UK expats, can also offer their support for expats selling their overseas properties – a complicated process. Read more

Press Comment 26 August 2014 - Expats Advised To Plan Ahead For Possible Tax Changes
Recent reports suggest that the UK government may withdraw the tax-free personal allowance for expats or other overseas nationals who receive an income from the UK. Read more

Press Comment 18 August 2014 - “ Was Our Springboard To Buying In Spain”
A Macclesfield couple have realised their dream of buying a holiday home in Spain, thanks to the information and confidence they received from free online Read more

Press Comment 12 August 2014 - Exercise Caution When Viewing Property Abroad, Not Just In The UK
Overseas property-buyers should heed warnings not to rush into a purchase after just one short viewing, following a recent survey that showed the average viewing in the UK takes just 33 minutes. Read more

Press Comment 5 August 2014 - What A Rate Rise Could Mean For Overseas Buyers
Brits in the market for an overseas home in the second half of 2014 should factor in an interest rate rise in the UK, as well as the exchange rate, when budgeting for their foreign purchase, warned the Overseas Guide Company in August. Read more

Press Comment 23 July 2014 - Inheritance Planning Save Money – In The UK And Abroad

The British nation pays an extra and avoidable £530million in inheritance tax (IHT) each year according to recent analysis, which should be a warning to everyone - but in particular expats - to look closely at how their estate is set up.  Read more

Press Comment 22 July 2014 - The Right Time To Invest In Property In Spain,
According To Spain Buying Guide and Partners opened their new offices in the Costa del Sol last week with a party for their business partner guests, offering a little taste of the good life in Spain. Read more


Press Comment 15 July 2014 - Net yourself an affordable property near the stars of centre court

It’s not just tennis players who should be inspired by Wimbledon champions – anyone searching for a second home in the UK or abroad could start by seeing where the heroes of SW19’s Centre Court choose to splash their cash on property. Read more

Press Comment 15 July 2014 - 2014 Summer Season To Spark Wave Of Autumn Viewing Trips?

When schools break up and families jet off next week, hordes of British holidaymakers are about to witness just how attractive property prices in hot spots like Spain’s Costa Blanca and Portugal’s Algarve have become due to the stronger pound, combined with ongoing low prices in Europe. Read more


Press Comment 14 July 2014 - Property Buying Resource Opens Spanish Office To Assist Foreign House-hunters

Buying a dream home in Spain is about to get much easier for British and other foreign purchasers, following the opening on 15th July 2014 of an office in the Costa del Sol by online resource company,, part of the Overseas Guides Company. Read more

Press Comment 24 June 2014 - The £15k Question: An overseas investment or a measly ISA?

Watch your cash generate a miserable return that’s barely above inflation, or invest in property – perhaps somewhere abroad where you can spend family holidays, as well as feasibly benefit from capital appreciation? Read more

Press Comment 17 June 2014 - World Cup rental demand an example to second homeowners

The World Cup should be a reminder that global sporting events that attract thousands of international fans, organisers and participants can be the ideal way to earn some extra rental income from a second home, both at home in the UK or abroad. Read more

Press Comment 3 June 2014 - Sunshine and less tax: Why life abroad suits retirees
It’s not just guaranteed sunshine that makes living abroad an attractive proposition to British retirees, following a report that showed that the average retired household in the UK forks out 30 per cent of its annual income to the taxman. Read more


Press Comment 20 May 2014 - Retirees see value of homes abroad as UK prices rise

The UK’s escalating house prices are making it harder for expats to return to the UK, prompting overseas retirees to think again about buying a UK home and live the expat life overseas. Read more

Press Comment 15 May 2014 - Cost of living comparison - Spain

There’s nothing like being well informed and if you are coming to live in Spain, wouldn’t you like to know how prices compare for everyday items? Of course you would! Read more

Press Comment 13 May 2014 - Spanish Costas Number One Choice For Overseas Homebuyers Looking to Escape ‘Sodden’ UK in 2014

The desire amongst British people to own an overseas home, in particular along the Spanish Costas, has surged in 2014, according to statistics from the Overseas Guides Company, who saw a 20 per cent year-on-year hike in enquires about foreign property ownership in the first three months of the year. Read more

Press Comment 29 April 2014 - Are foreign second homeowners the key to Spain’s recovery?
High unemployment and a sluggish economy are stifling Spain’s appeal to Brits looking somewhere sunny to live and work, but its bargain property prices are attracting holiday homeowners and investors, that is according to a string of statistics published in April. Read more


Press Comment 9 April 2014 - London Exhibition Launch for 'User-friendly' Overseas Property Investor Guide

Reformed pension rules, dismal interest rates, buoyant sterling and depressed European housing markets – all favourable conditions for overseas investment that have led to the publication of the Overseas Property Investor Guide, a jargon-free guide aimed at helping first-time investors in foreign real estate markets. Read more


Press Comment 7 April 2014 - Retired Expats Buying into UK Buy-to-Lets

"Conditions in 2014 mean investing in a UK buy-to-let could be the safest way for Brits retiring abroad to keep hold of a sterling based asset and boost their monthly income,” said Richard Way, Editor of the Overseas Guides Company, in April. Read more

Press Comment 1 April 2014 - Be prepared for success in the overseas rental market 

Home-owners in tourist hot spots should be preparing their property now if they wish to benefit fully from the 2014 holiday rental market, advised the Overseas Guides Company. Read more

Press Comment 17 March 2014 - Overseas Retirees hoping for a 'friendly' Budget 

Wealthy pensioners will see their lifetime allowance decrease when new rules kick in next month and there are concerns pensioners could be targeted further in Wednesday’s Budget, a move that would affect anyone planning an overseas retirement. Read more


Press Comment 11 March 2014 - Brits Need to Plan Now to Avoid Becoming the 'Elders' of Europe’s Expats

Today’s working population will need to wait longer than their European neighbours before having the opportunity to retire to the sun, on account of a lack of savings and poor pensions. Read more



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